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Focus Your Studies in Health Law — One of the Most Dynamic Areas of Law to Practice.

Health care providers navigate an intricate web of rules and regulations imposed by both federal and state governments to ensure access to high quality care at an affordable cost. The inherent tensions built into the health care industry keep health care matters at the forefront of legal and political discussions.

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Prepare your Solid Foundation for all aspects of Health Law

Whether you are interested in compliance, civil litigation, or even criminal law, completing the Health Law Certificate at MC Law will prepare you to join this exciting field. Certificate students complete experiential work within the health care industry and write exciting papers exploring issues spanning from the beginning to end of life.

The numerous course offerings and opportunities are listed in the Health Law Certificate Worksheet.  Contact Professor Jonathan Will ( with any questions or to schedule a class visit.

Health Law Certificate Learning Outcomes  

  1. Students will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the substantive and procedural law related to health care by completing the certificate course requirements, which track the Model Curriculum Guidance created by the American Health Lawyers Association;
  2. Students will demonstrate effective written communication by conducting comprehensive research on matters of health law and producing a substantial written work based on that research on a topic approved by the certificate advisory; and
  3. Students will demonstrate their ability to apply substantive health law concepts and provide legal advice in an experiential setting by completing a field placement (clinic/externship) in the area of health law.