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Sharpen Your Understanding of Louisiana’s Civil Law by Adding a Certificate in Civil Law to Your JD.

Rather than the common law system most state’s use, Louisiana's civil law system is based on the Napoleonic Code and relies on comprehensive, codified laws and regulations to govern civil matters. The Certificate of Civil Law Studies is designed to help prepare law students who intend to practice in Louisiana for such practice by familiarizing them with the mixed legal system of Louisiana where judges play a more active role in investigating cases and interpreting the law, setting it apart from the adversarial common law system attorney's may be used to. 

What Will a Certificate in Civil Law Studies Add to My JD Degree?

When you complete the certificate program, you will have an understanding of both dominant legal systems in the Western world, Civil Law and Common Law. You’ll also a focused understanding of the core subjects of the Louisiana Civil Code and the Louisiana Code of Civil Procedure.

You will demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of:

  • civil law methodology in interpretation and application of statutory materials, particularly the Louisiana Civil Code
  • the proper use of jurisprudence (judicial opinions) and doctrine
  • the essential differences between the civil law system (including a mixed system of law, such as Louisiana), and the common law system, including an understanding of differences in the underlying philosophical underpinnings of each system, and substantive differences in rules and their application to common legal issues

This certificate may be earned in addition to a certificate offered in a specific practice area.

Civil Law Program Certificate Requirements

To earn the Certificate in Civil Law Studies, students must have completed all requirements for graduation and have taken and received a grade of C or better in at least 15 credit hours of Civil Law courses listed below, including the required course of Law 707, Civil Law Obligations. Students who desire to complete the requirements for this certificate should consult with the Director of Center for Civil Law Studies prior to registration for courses for the student’s third semester. 

Application for the certificate must be made by the same deadline set for applications for graduation. The application should be made to the Academic Records Clerk,