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Start Practicing Law A Full Year Early With This Accelerated Two Year JD Program.

If you are well qualified and highly motivated, Mississippi College School of Law offers an accelerated two year Juris Doctor just for you. This is a complete 90 credit hour program that provides you with opportunities for skills training, externships, law review, and moot court competitions at the only law school in Mississippi's capital. Upon completing your JD, you'll be prepared to take the bar exam in any state.

Students of the MC Two Year JD programs exploring the streets of the capital

Earn Your JD faster and at a lower cost.

A substantial scholarship is automatically applied to the Two Year JD Program, providing you with a substantial reduction in tuition, plus the opportunity to take the bar exam and launch your career a full year earlier than the standard program.

Due to the demanding nature of the program, the Two Year JD Program is limited to applicants with strong academic credentials. Minimum requirements are an LSAT score of 152 and undergraduate GPA of 3.25 or higher. At the end of the 1L year, you must rank in the top 50% of your class.  If you do not meet this generous retention standard, it is possible to continue in the traditional J.D. program.

Sample Two Year JD Program Course Layout

4 4 Summer Property
15 19 Fall Regular 1L courses
15 34 Spring Regular 1L courses + Constitutional Law
10 44 Summer 2 hrs intersession (May) plus 8 hours in regular summer
18 62 Fall To include Legal Writing III and Evidence
4 66 Intersession Trial Practice (January)
18 84 Spring Regular upper-level courses
6 90 Summer 6 hr. Externship (following bar exam) or 6 regular summer hours if not taking the July bar exam.

To apply to the Two Year accelerated JD Program

  • Apply to take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT)
  • For more information, visit or call 215.968.1001.
  • Register with the Law School Data Assembly Service at
  • Complete the standard MC Law application found online at the same site, checking the box on the application form that indicates you are applying for the Two Year J.D. Program.

Your application must be submitted by May 1.