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JD Program

Join a rigorous JD program that combines a broad foundation in the law with opportunities to explore specific areas of legal interest and engage in hands-on legal work.

Discover The Difference a JD Degree from MC Law Makes.

The JD program at Mississippi College School of Law provides you with a rigorous and comprehensive legal education that enables you to navigate the intricacies of today’s complex legal landscape. Equally important, MC’s Christian foundation emphasizes developing the personal ethics and commitment to justice that will prepare you to be a positive force in the legal community and the culture.

A classical Juris DOctorate (JD) Degree, designed for emerging legal issues

At MC School of Law, you’ll find yourself immersed in the common law and statutory foundations of our legal system, exploring emerging doctrine, and employing the traditional methods of legal analysis in both contexts. MC Law’s curriculum emphasizes critical thinking, analytical reasoning, and effective communication to ensure that you are prepared to tackle today’s toughest legal challenges with confidence.

In addition to courses in legal doctrine, you’ll  have the opportunity to take courses in oral advocacy, counseling, negotiation, and the many skills of pretrial and trial advocacy. Whether you’re interested in private practice, corporate law, government, or public interest law, the JD program at MC School of Law provides a strong foundation for your future career success.

photo of law students walking on the capital steps

Get your juris doctorate from the only Mississippi law school located in a major legal center

Because of our location in Mississippi’s capital, where nearly 50% of the state’s attorney’s practice, you’ll find yourself engaging with and being taught by experienced practitioners and judges who also serve as adjunct professors and as supervisors of externship programs.

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Explore MC’s JD Certificate and Program Options 

MC School of Law offers a number of different options to meet your specific Juris Doctorate degree needs. 

A Top JD Program in Mississippi providing Unique, Personalized Legal Training

Not only will you be taught by legal scholars who bring real-world insight and expertise to the classroom, but with MC Law’s small class sizes, you’ll receive personalized attention and meaningful interaction with both professors and visiting speakers. You'll have opportunities to gain hands-on legal experience while living out the Christian mission by serving the local community in various legal clinics, externships and student organizations. In addition to local opportunities, MC’s study abroad programs provides the chance to explore international law and learn how other nations are addressing modern legal questions.

The following learning outcomes were approved by the MC Law faculty to reflect the knowledge, skills, and values we expect our graduates to possess. MC Law is committed to providing our students with both the substantive knowledge and lawyering skills necessary to become ethical members of the profession. Consistent with ABA standards, these learning outcomes were devised to help us measure student attainment of these objectives through periodic assessment. 

  1. Graduates will demonstrate an understanding and fundamental knowledge of the basic rules, theoretical foundations, and principles of substantive and procedural law.
  2. Graduates will demonstrate effective analytical and problem-solving skills.
  3. Graduates will demonstrate the ability to perform comprehensive legal research using print and electronic resources.
  4. Graduates will effectively communicate their legal reasoning both in writing and orally.
  5. Graduates will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of a lawyer’s moral, ethical, and professional responsibilities to clients, the profession, and the community.
  6. Graduates will demonstrate proficiency in the skills that are essential for competent and ethical participation as a member of the legal profession.

A legal research and writing program that includes small group and personal instruction is a key part of the first year curriculum. The exercises are practical and provide templates students can use during their summer work and in practice.

During the second and third year, students choose from a wide range of electives geared toward their areas of legal interest and complete an in-depth writing project. Second- and third-year students may also gain “real world experience” through the MC Law externship program, a course that matches law students with federal and state agencies, judges, and non-profit organizations.

First Year Curriculum

In addition to the required courses listed below, a required orientation is held for entering students each fall prior to the beginning of classes. This program is geared toward lessening the trauma usually experienced by first-year students. In addition to matters traditionally covered by orientation, the program addresses topics such as case briefing, introduction to legal method, and a historical overview of the Anglo-American legal system.

Fall Semester

625 Civil Procedure I 3
561 Criminal Law 3
580 Legal Research I 1
582 Legal Writing I 2
502 Torts I 3
506 Contracts I 3

Spring Semester

626 Civil Procedure II 3
583 Legal Writing II 2
573 Property 4
581 Legal Research II 1
507 Contracts II 3
503 Torts II 2
Alec Chism, ’25
Mississippi College Law was appealing to me for a couple of reasons - the opportunity to interact with the legal and political hub of the state, the generous scholarships, and the family atmosphere.
— Alec Chism, ’25