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The purpose of this honor code is to promote academic integrity at MC Law.

Academic integrity promotes mutual respect and mutual accountability, and it is served through both rehabilitation and enforcement. Because rehabilitation within the law school remains an important goal of this honor code, these procedures seek, at their essence, a mediated form of resolution.

Academic integrity refers to honest and ethical behavior within an academic community. Policies concerned with academic integrity, such as this honor code, govern how people work and interact within an academic community, define what conduct is unethical, and help establish the mutual trust and individual responsibility necessary to sustain a healthy academic environment.

Faculty, staff, and students shall uphold the principles of academic integrity, and shall create an environment in which honesty is encouraged, dishonesty discouraged, and integrity is discussed freely and openly. Students are obligated not only to follow these principles, but also to take a primary and active role in encouraging other students to respect them, and take a primary and active role in holding other students accountable when they do not.