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Your computer and your internet connection are two important components of a rewarding
experience at MC Law. We therefore want to make certain that you have all the necessary resources
available to successfully complete your course work. We have wireless internet access in most
locations throughout the campus. MC Law strongly recommends that each student own a new or
recent laptop or notebook running Windows or MacOS. Unfortunately, Chromebooks and tablets
will not meet all the needs of your course work at MC Law so we do not support them.

We recommend using Microsoft Office (2013 or newer) for PC or Mac.  Microsoft Office 365 is
available free for Download.   Make sure your laptop has a built-in webcam for using Zoom. While your laptop may have a built-in mic, we strongly recommend using earbuds or headphones with a built-in mic for Zoom conferencing. If it doesn’t, you will need to purchase a separate webcam with mic. Keep in mind that when using Zoom (or any other web-conferencing program) you will need a stable internet connection at home.  This means that you need a stable internet speed of 3.0 Mbps (up/down) or greater.

Recommended Specifications
• Windows 10/11 or Mac OS Ventura (or newer)
• Intel Core i3 or greater
• 4 GB of ram or greater
• Minimum of 128 GB SSD (more if you store a lot of media)
• Wireless network card
• Webcam
• Earbuds/headphones with mic
• Microsoft Office 2019 or newer (see
• Updated anti-virus software
• 3-year warranty

Please make sure Zoom is downloaded on your computer ( When you receive
your MC email address, you should create a Zoom account using that address. If you do not know
how to use Zoom, you should begin familiarizing yourself with the program. Several tutorials can be
found on the Zoom support website here. If you have questions about Zoom or
need help using it, you can contact our IT staff once you are on campus (see below).

Note: Students are responsible for their own computer repairs and maintenance. However, we will
take a look at any problem and make a recommendation for support. We provide support for our
students in the areas of viruses, networking issues, exam software, wireless network and printing

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