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Electronic Bluebook Download/Installation Instructions

Windows users:
 Download the software using the Windows download link below.  Once you have downloaded the software, please run the file and complete the installation.

Download EBB software for Windows(when you install, enter the code:  mclaw)

Mac users:  

Download EBB software Mac OS - including Big Sur (when you install, enter the code:  mclaw)

Before taking an exam with EBB: Set any firewall program to allow an exception for Electronic Bluebook.  The program you wish to enable is “ElectronicBluebook.exe”.  After you enable the program, test EBB to be sure it is able to start properly.

Things to check on the day of the exam before it begins:

  • Be sure that your computer is plugged in and charging.
  • Check to see that your computer is not set to “suspend” or “hibernate” during periods of inactivity.

Submitting your exam and exiting EBB:

When you are done with your exam, click the “Finish Exam” button on your screen.  (If you accidentally click the Finish Exam button during your exam, you will be given the chance to return to the exam).  You will either get a green or yellow screen after you confirm that you want to exit the exam.

  • Green screen means that your exam was received on the EBB server and you are free to leave.
  • Yellow screen means your exam was not automatically uploaded, but it is saved on your hard drive and someone from the IT Department will be available to help you upload it manually.

If you have a problem during the exam: Immediately start writing from the place where you left off in EBB.  We will be able to retrieve a backup file of your answer to within 30 seconds of when your computer problem started.  Please DO NOT leave the room to look for an IT staff member or faculty assistant, you will not be granted additional time any time lost attempting to repair your computer.  After your exam is finished, contact an IT staff member and we will help retrieve your exam and get it uploaded to the server.

Some features of EBB: 

  • Automatic Backups.  EBB automatically saves a backup copy of your exam answer to a file on your computer’s hard drive every 30 seconds.  This backup file can be recovered from your computer later if necessary (e.g., if the disk with your exam on it becomes corrupted).
  • Spell checking. You may check the spelling on the entire question, or, by selecting text, within the selected area only.
  • Cut and Paste.  EBB will allow you to cut and paste text within the program, but not to copy it to multiple locations.  To cut and paste, select the text and then use the program buttons or the customary keyboard shortcuts.
  • Undo and Redo Buttons.  Located at the top of your typing screen, use these functions to restore any part of your work that you accidentally delete.  The Undo and Redo functions will work to restore up to 10 prior actions or keystrokes.
  • Exam Identifier.  EBB automatically places your exam identifier and course information on each page of your exam.  There is no need for you to type this information into your answer.
  • Automatic Timer.  EBB provides a timer, page counter, line counter, and word counter so that you can keep track of your time and place in the exam.
  • Function Buttons.  EBB allows you to underline, bold, and italicize text using the buttons at the top of the typing screen.  In addition, the standard keys on your keyboard for punctuation will work as well.  EBB will not, however, allow you to use the function keys or macros, and when running in “Blocked” mode, EBB will not allow you to access the Internet or other applications.
  • Exam Questions Not Contained in EBB. The exam questions are not contained in EBB.  You will be given a paper copy of the exam to work from just like non-typing students.  Unless otherwise instructed, you should return the exam questions to the proctor when you finish your exam.