Costs and Scholarships

Costs and Scholarships

MC Law is committed to providing a high quality but affordable legal education, and Jackson is one of the more cost-friendly capitals in the United States. Even so, an LL.M. degree can be a substantial financial commitment and potential candidates will be requested to demonstrate the ability to finance their entire course of study. Candidates who are U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents may apply for financial aid loans, and international candidates are encouraged to contact the MC Law Financial Aid Office and LL.M. Programs Office to discuss possible funding opportunities.

LL.M. students at MC Law enjoy the exact same low per credit tuition rate as our incoming J.D. students. For academic year 2018/19, the tuition rate is $1129 per credit hour. Total costs will vary based on the number of credits (12-36) and length (1-4 semesters) of your specific academic plan. For a total estimated cost of attendance specific to your academic goals, email

In addition, MC Law provides selective merit-based scholarships[RM1] for exceptional LL.M. applicants, as well as significantly discounted costs for candidates from international partnership institutions. Potential candidates are encouraged to contact the LL.M. Programs Office at to learn more about available scholarship opportunities.

Before an international student may register, the student must have on deposit with the Bursar's Office sufficient funds to cover expenses for an entire year and must provide an approved medical and repatriation insurance policy with Mississippi College as the trustee beneficiary.