Veterans Legal Aid Clinic

The Veterans' Legal Aid Clinic provides free legal services to military veterans and their eligible family members.  During the spring semester of 2020, the clinic will provide walk-in services every Friday at one of three locations: 

1) The MSVA Headquarters at 660 North Street (last Friday of every month);

2) Sonny Montgomery VA Hospital (First Friday of Every Month) or

3) MC Law Advocacy Center (all other Fridays). 

Walk-in hours are from 9:30-2:30.  

Veterans should bring all relevant papers as well as proof of military service.

Students enrolled in the Veterans Legal Clinic, which is patterned after a U.S. Army Legal Assistance Office, will provide legal support to Veterans and eligible family members on a wide range of issues.  The Clinic researches and gives advice on Consumer issues, Landlord/tenant issues, Family law matters, claims arising within various Disability systems, Real Property issues, and employment issues; the foregoing list is not exhaustive.   The Clinic also offers drafting Wills and other personal documents, currently with the assistance of the Mississippi National Guard JAG Office.  The Clinic does not handle criminal matters, although it does offer expungement pleadings for State court that Veterans to file pro se.  Litigation and other issues beyond the scope of what the Clinic can provide are referred out.  Students are also exposed to the workings of various institutions relating to Veterans such as the U.S. Armed Forces, Federal agencies such as the Department of Veterans Affairs, and State agencies such as the Mississippi State Board of Veterans Affairs, from which students will gain experience in Administrative Law.  The Clinic may also research issues that affect Veterans on a large scale. 

Adjunct Clinical Supervising Attorney

Joel R. Jones

Phone: 601-331-0223