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The Certificate of Civil Law Studies is designed to help prepare law students who intend to practice in Louisiana for such practice by familiarizing them with the mixed legal system of Louisiana. Much of Louisiana’s legal heritage is derived from the civil law tradition of France and Spain. Students who complete the certificate program will have an understanding of the core subjects of the Louisiana Civil Code and the Louisiana Code of Civil Procedure. They will also have an understanding of both of the dominant legal traditions of the Western world, Civil Law and Common Law.

MC Law awards a Certificate of Civil Law Studies to students who complete all requirements for graduation and received a grade of C or better in at least 12 credit hours of designated Civil Law courses. (For students who enter MC Law in 2015 and following years, the number of credit hours for the certificate is 15 credit hours.) The Civil Law program at MC Law is the only program of its kind outside of the state of Louisiana. The certificate program was established in 2004-2005.

The courses included in the certificate program are:


Law 707 – Civil Law Obligations


Law 709 – Civil Law Successions and Donations

Law 711 – Louisiana Civil Procedure

Law 708 – Civil Law of Persons and Family

Law 718 – Civil Law of Matrimonial Regimes

Law 713 – Louisiana Security Devices

Law 735 – Civil Law Sales and Leases

Law 736 – Louisiana Mineral Law

Students who desire to complete the requirements for the certificate should consult with the Director of the Center for Civil Law Studies prior to preregistration for courses in the students’ third semester. Application for the certificate must be made by the same deadline set for applications for graduation.