FEBUARY 5, 2015

Dilemmas in Promoting Global Economic Justice through Human Rights Law
Dr. Ralph Wilde, University College London, Faculty of Laws


The End of the Waterfall: The Role and Systemic Risk in Central Parties in Over the Counter Derivative Market
Professor Christoph Henkel, Mississippi College School of Law


The Place of TIme in the Practice of History
Dr. Gary Wilder, CUNY Graduate Center

APRIL 14, 2015

The Non-Native Speakers of International Law: the Case of Russia
Professor Anna Dolidze, Western University Faculty of Law

APRIL 24, 2015

Property in Labour and the Limits of Contract
Dr. Claire Mumme, Assistant Professor of Law, University of Windsor

MAY 8, 2015

Jus cogens: a social construct without pedigree (“If judges say so then it must be true”)
Dr. Jean d’Aspremont, Professor of International Law, University of Manchester