FEBRUARY 8, 2013

Political Economy of a 21st Century Corporate Mass Merger:
Walmart-Massmart and the Future of Global Governance
Dr. Boris Mamlyuk; Assistant Professor of Law, University of Memphis

FEBRUARY 27, 2013

International Law in the Long 1990s: A Sketch of an Era
Dr. Akbar Rasulov; Lecturer in Law, University of Glasgow

MARCH 28, 2013

The influence of economic logic in international environment law:
A cost-benefit analysis
Dr. Jaye Ellis; Associate Professor of Law, McGill University

APRIL 3, 2013

Others Gods: the negative theology of modern law
Dr. Peter Fitzpatrick; Professor of Law, Bickbeck College School of Law

APRIL 11, 2013

The Author of Copyright Law
Dr. Alina Ng; Professor of Law, Mississippi College School of Law