SEPTEMBER 20, 2013

The Antitrust Exemption for Property-Based Exclusion
Ramsi Woodcock, Bruce R. Jacob Visiting Assistant Professor, Stetson University College of Law

OCTOBER 3, 2013

The World Court and its Claim to Normative Authority
Dr. Gleider Hernandez, Lecturer of Law, Durham Law School

OCTOBER 21, 2013

Habitability and Home—Lessors’ Responsibility for Leased Premises in Comparative Perspective
Missy Lonegrass, Associate Professor of Law, Louisiana State University Paul M. Hebert Law Center

OCTOBER 28, 2013

Nuclear Waste in the U.S. and Beyond
Mr. Jager Smith, President, Jager Smith LLC

NOVEMBER 5, 2013

Norms and Narratives: Law’s Latent Supports and the Challenge of International Governance
Kenneth Townsend, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Millsaps College

NOVEMBER 8, 2013

Law Beyond God and Kant: A Pragmatist Path to Liberal Neutrality in Pluralistic Democracies
Dr. John Anderson,  Associate Professor,  Mississippi College School of Law

NOVEMBER 13, 2013

EU and Transnational Law after a Paradigm Shift from Constitutionalism to Pluralism
Dr. Matej Avbelj, Dean for Graduate School of Government and European Studies