Fast-Track to Mississippi Practice Program

Prepare for the February bar exam in your 3L year

At MC Law, students planning to take the Mississippi Bar Exam can opt into our “Fast Track to
Mississippi Practice” program to prepare for the February bar exam in their 3L year as part of a specially-designed curriculum package. Those participating in the program can take the February bar prior to graduation in May.

Participation in the Fast-Track to Mississippi Practice Program provides qualifying students the
opportunity to begin work as licensed members of the Mississippi Bar immediately after graduation.
Most law students graduate in May, study for two months, take the bar exam in July, and don’t learn
about their bar results until September. Those participating in the Fast-Track program can do their bar preparation as part of their law-school curriculum, take the bar in February, and (assuming they pass the bar and have satisfied all the other requirements for admission to the bar) start practicing as a licensed attorney the day they graduate from law school!

Eligibility to participate in the program is contingent on (1) opting into the program in the spring
semester of the student’s 1L year, and (2) satisfying all graduation and program requirements in a timely manner. This program is only available to Mississippi Bar takers, pursuant to the Rules Governing Admission to the Mississippi Bar, Rule IV §5.C.