Executive Law School Program

Executive Law School Program

If you’re already established in a profession but wish to enhance your potential even further by earning a law degree, you may be a candidate for the MC Law Executive Law School Program.

The Executive Law School Program is designed for business people, educators, real estate professionals, medical personnel, and other professionals who wish to obtain a law degree without leaving their current employment to attend law school full time. The program allows students to extend their legal studies over five years instead of the traditional three years, and allows students to continue to work while attending law school.

Flexibility in work schedules is required. Participants must take at least nine hours of law courses per semester, with most of the initial courses required taught during the day.

Admission to the Executive Program requires an interview, strong academic qualifications, excellent record of achievement in a graduate school program and/or an outstanding work history. Please call us at (601) 925-7152 if you would like to discuss these admission requirements.

To apply to the Executive Law School Program:

  • Apply to take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT)
  • For more information, visit www.LSAC.org or call 215.968.1001.
  • Register with the Law School Data Assembly Service at www.LSAC.org.
  • Complete the standard MC Law application found online at the same site, checking the box on the application form that indicates you are applying for the Executive Law School Program.