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Professor Modak-Truran to Chair Panel & Present at 2016 Law & Society Annual Meeting


Professor Mark Modak-Truran will present his paper, Defining Religion and Secularity for a Post-Secular Understanding of Religious Liberty, at the 2016 Law and Society Annual Meeting in New Orleans, La., on June 2, 2016. Modak-Truran, who will make his presentation on the Law & Religion panel, will also serve as the panel Chair.

In addition to Modak-Truran, Kif Augustine (Brigham Young University), M. Christian Green (Emory University), and Jenna Reinbold (Colgate University) will present and discuss the assumptions underlying conventional understandings of the relationship between law and religion. The panelists’ presentations will seek to explore and propose new avenues for rethinking the relationship between religion and the law.