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Professor Kupenda Publishes Essay "Propped Up By Higher Education" in the Journal of Blacks in Higher Education


Professor Angela Mae Kupenda recently published an essay in the Journal of Blacks in Higher Education (JBHE), entitled "Propped Up By Higher Education." Using a story from her upbringing in the Deep South, Kupenda shares that "even when we were at rest, we were propped up by the higher learning to come to hopefully improve our own lives and the lives of others." Kupenda's recent essay is available at 

In addition to the commentaries and op/eds she publishes, Professor Kupenda publishes law journal articles on (in)equality, education, gender, race and class.  One of her recent journal articles is Equality Lost in Time and Space: Examining the Race/Class Quandary with Personal Pedagogical Lessons from a Course, a Film, a Case, and an Unfinished Movement,  

For more information on Professor Angela Mae Kupenda, please see her CV at http://law.mc.edu/faculty/directory/angela-mae-kupenda

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