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Professor Angela Mae Kupenda and JSU ADVANCE Co-authors Have Article on Implicit Bias Accepted for Publication


Professor Angela Mae Kupenda and JSU ADVANCE co-authors recently had an article accepted for publication. "Normalizing the Recognition of Implicit Bias as a Precursor to Normalizing Blackness:The JSU ADVANCE Implicit Bias Think Tank (to mitigate implicit bias against Black female faculty in STEM at HBCUs in the Deep South, and implicit bias against other groups more broadly)," will be published in the Southern Journal of Policy and Justice (forthcoming 2018-19).

The co-authors are from various disciplines:
Dr. Loretta A. Moore is Professor of Computer Science, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science, Jackson State University (“JSU”). Dr. Moore is Principal Investigator (PI) of the JSU ADVANCE project funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) (Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the NSF).

Dr. Candis Pizzetta is Coordinator of the JSU Faculty Development Center and is Associate Professor of English and Modern Foreign Languages at JSU. Dr. Pizzetta currently serves as PI on the NSF grant: Advancing the Research Profile of Small, Minority-Serving Institutions Through a Virtual Proposal Development Center.

Professor Angela Mae Kupenda, is Professor of Law, Mississippi College School of Law. Professor Kupenda is a frequent collaborator with the JSU ADVANCE team.

Dr. Evelyn J. Leggette is retired Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs, JSU, and Professor of Education. Dr. Leggette served as Co-PI of JSU ADVANCE.

Other scholarly projects addressing inequalities, where MC Law Prof. Kupenda has collaborated with NSF JSU ADVANCE, include:

“Transforming Climates for the Woman of Color: Strategic Engagement with Families and Social Networks of the Married/Partnered Academic Woman of Color,” Dr. Loretta A. Moore, Dr. Deidre L. Wheaton, Prof. Angela Mae Kupenda, Dr. Michelle D. Deardorff, and Dr. Evelyn J. Leggette, 42 (1) Thurgood Marshall Law Review ___ (forthcoming 2018).

“Recognizing and Overcoming your Kryptonite: How to Become a Stronger Shero through Self-Awareness.” Keynote Speaker was Prof. Angela Mae Kupenda, for the Women in Higher Education Mississippi Network (WHEMN) Conference, JSU ADVANCE co-hosting, Jackson, Mississippi, February 2017.

“Building Support for Faculty Women of Color in STEM,” Dr. Loretta A. Moore, Dr. Deidre L. Wheaton, Dr. Evelyn J. Leggette, and Prof. Angela M. Kupenda, in Diverse Issues in Higher Education, Feature, November 2016.

“Transforming Climates for the Academic Woman of Color: The Limitations of Race-Neutral Career-Life Balance Policies in Higher Education,” Presentation, Dr. Loretta A. Moore, Dr. Deidre L. Wheaton, and Prof. Angela Mae Kupenda, 9th Annual Feminist Legal Theory Conference at the University of Baltimore School of Law, March 2016.

“Transforming Climates for the Academic Woman of Color: Facilitating Greater Understanding in the Workplace Climate and in Social Structures,” Invited Paper, co-authored with Dr. Loretta A. Moore, Dr. Michelle D. Deardorff, Dr. Evelyn J. Leggette, and Prof. Angela M. Kupenda, Published in the Proceedings of The Twelfth Latin American and Caribbean Conference for Engineering Technology (LACCEI 2014).