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Prof. Angela Mae Kupenda publishes commentary about the Legendary Prof. Derrick Bell and ​Creative Action

Professor Angela Mae Kupenda recently published a commentary on the "Race and the Law Professors Blog" titled Continuing Derrick Bell's Devotion in Creative Action (Prof. Angela Kupenda) Kupenda's commentary examines the legendary Prof. Derrick Bell's devotion to his students and his devotion to the elimination of racism and other isms.  You can read Kupenda's commentary at this link 


Last year, the American Bar Association (ABA) ​Journal ​listed the Race and the Law Professors Blog as one of the top 100 Blogs. http://www.abajournal.com/magazine/article/10th_annual_blawg_100 

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​Kupenda, a devoted teacher for over 25 years, is an avid writer about teaching pedagogy and strategies for enhancing learning both inside and outside the classroom.  To read more about Professor Kupenda, please see her faculty page at http://law.mc.edu/faculty/directory/angela-mae-kupenda

For more of her publications, please see the law school's Digital Commons resource at http://dc.law.mc.edu/