Student Bar Association

Student Bar Association

In 1951, the Student Bar Association was created by the adoption of the SBA Constitution. Its organization is based on the pattern of our national government, with Executive (Officers), Legislative (Senate), and Judicial branches (Honor Court). There is a comprehensive codification of all laws passed since the adoption of the SBA Constitution called the SBA Code, which guides the daily operation and policies of our student government.

The SBA promotes the welfare of each student attending this law school. Therefore, the Student Bar Association attempts to allow the maximum personal, social and political development of each student, both individually and collectively.

There are six (6) elected officer positions in the SBA: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, ABA Representative and Historian. These officials are elected in March and serve to April of the next year. The President oversees the Executive Branch of the Government while the Vice President carries out the duties assigned to him by the President. The SBA Treasurer keeps up with expenditures and assists the President in the annual drafting of a revenue bill to be reviewed by the SBA senate.

The Senate is the sole, voting body of the Legislative Branch and a two-thirds majority vote is needed to pass any and all resolutions that may arise before the Senate.

Our Judicial Branch of Government consist of an Honor Court designed to strictly enforce the Honor Code and the ABA Representative attends the ABA Convention with the President in August along with helping recruit student membership in the Law Student Division of the American Bar Association.

The Purpose of the Student Bar Association is to deal effectively with matters of student affairs, to perpetuate the traditions of the Law School, to promote the best understanding between faculty and students, to control all matters which are delegated to the student association by the administration in all matters affecting the welfare of the student body, and to supervise all student activity in order that it may be conducted for the best interest of the Mississippi College School of Law.

The SBA office is located in AC 301. Members can be reached by calling 925-7168. To view the full list of the 2019-2020 SBA representatives, click here