Christian Legal Society

Christian Legal Society

CLS is a non-denominational national network of attorneys, judges, law students, professors, and lay people, with local attorney chapters and law student chapters located in almost every state. CLS helps lawyers to integrate their faith in Christ with their professional responsibilities and reaches and teaches law students across the country to obey Jesus’ age-old command “to do justice with the love of God.” (Luke 11:42).

Our 2005-2006 Mission Statement is to encourage law students/lawyers to take a strong Christian stand on legal issues that affect Biblical principles, promises, and teachings; educate each other on how these Biblical truths relate to current and future legal issues; facilitate personal growth in Jesus Christ; show the love of Christ to members and non-members; and witness to all persons we contact.

In light of some decisions made in our court systems and legislatures: prayers are not longer welcome in many schools; the ten commandments can no longer be displayed in public as “religious” symbols; “under God” in the United States pledge has come under attack; the legal definition of marriage has become tainted; and attempts have been made to legalize the murder of children during the birth process. Now more than ever God needs strong Christian leadership everywhere and especially in legislatures and court rooms where many Christian/secular battles are being fought. Therefore, Christian Legal Society will provide an environment that: encourages and educates strong Christian stands on legal issues; provide fertile ground for Christian growth; and will increase God’s fold on earth.

The CLS chapter at Mississippi College School of Law is an active one. Weekly meetings are held where attorneys, judges and other members of the bar and bench speak about the Christian’s role within the legal profession. In addition, the MSCOL chapter of CLS holds an annual luncheon during the fall semester and a prayer breakfast during the spring semester. Speakers at those events have included United States Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, former Mississippi Governor Ronnie Musgrove, Founder and CEO of Habitat for Humanity International, Millard Fuller and others. CLS members also routinely attend the Christian Legal Society National Convention.