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The Business Law Society is geared toward outreach. Our goal is to foster an environment where our members can branch out and meet legal professionals from a variety of different sectors. Business Law in and of itself is a spectrum. It encompasses education, real estate, big business, and everything in between. We bring speakers in who care about the success of our law school and its students. The legal profession is all about connections, and the Business Law Society's goal is to help each of our members meet a professional from an area of the law that they are passionate about. If there is a facet of the law that you are interested in, we will find someone for you to speak to or hear from regarding that particular topic.

The Business Law Society is also a great way to get involved on campus. Our members are typically involved in several extracurricular activities, but Business Law Society gives them the ability to learn while also fostering relationships with their classmates. Law school is a place to hit the books, but it is also a place to get out and meet the people you will be sharing courtrooms with for the rest of your legal career. Connections within your own school are vital to law school success, and the Business Law Society prides itself in helping you create those relationships.