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The Black Law Students Association (BLSA) is an organization founded on Building, Learning, Serving, and Advocating within ourselves and in the community.

The Black Law Students Association Chapter at Mississippi College is named after the late R. Jess Brown, a prominent civil rights attorney and leader in Mississippi. Attorney Brown sought to dismantle racial discrimination in education, transportation, and housing.  This minority-based organization strives to meet the following goals:

  • First, BLSA commits to increasing diversity and inclusion in our student body and faculty. BLSA aims to strengthen the unique quality of student life at MC Law by interacting and connecting with persons of different viewpoints, perspectives, and beliefs.
  • Second, BLSA endeavors to improve the academic, personal, and professional development of our members. BLSA provides educational resources for legal coursework, arranges resume/interview workshops with prestigious law firms, and coordinates networking opportunities with judges, lawyers, and pro-bono organizations.
  • Lastly, BLSA aspires to continue the legacy of breaking racial and cultural barriers, promoting the success and well-being of future attorneys, and encouraging a greater awareness of the needs and concerns of underrepresented communities.