Law Day Scholarships

Law Day Scholarships

M. Judith Barnett ’99 Single Parent Scholarship   $500 Any
R. Jess Brown Scholarship for Leadership in Racial Reconciliation   $2,000 1L or 2L

Dean Pat Evans Scholarship

  $1,000 2L

Professor Jeffrey Jackson Scholarship

   $750 2L or 3L 

Judge Dan Lee '48 Memorial Scholarship

  $1,000 2L or 3L

Judge Tom S. Lee Scholarship

  $500 Any

Madison County Bar Association Award

   $500 2L or 3L

Victor and Gayle Mavar Scholarship Award

  $1,000 Any

Sue Riggan Millette Scholarship

  $2,000 Any

Fellows of the Young Lawyers of the Mississippi Bar Award

  $500 Any

Rankin County Bar Scholarship Award

  $1,250 Any

Betty B. Tucker '38 Award

  $500 Any Female

Women in Profession Award

  $1,000 2L or 3L

 Scholarship Descriptions and Applications

M. Judith Barnett ’99 Single Parent Scholarship:

Presented to a student who is a single parent with financial need.

Eligibility: Any

Award: $500


 R. Jess Brown Scholarship for Leadership in Racial Reconciliation:

Recipient(s) shall be selected from students who are enrolled in either the First Year or Second Year at the School of Law. In addition to being in good academic standing

  1. One of the most significant criteria is that the recipient(s) exemplify the spirit of R. Jess Brown, one of the first African American attorneys in the State. Mr. Brown dedicated his life to representing the underclass, women and children who had no access to the legal system.
  2. Preference will be given to candidates who are non-traditional students and supporting a family while going to law school.

 Award: $2,000


 Dean Pat Evans Scholarship:

 A 2L student with a 2.75 GPA or better and someone who embodies the attributes of an ethical attorney with a special emphasis on community service.

Award: $1,000


 Professor Jeffrey Jackson Scholarship Award:

Applications for the Professor Jeffrey Jackson Scholarship Award:

This award combines both applications by the student and nominations by faculty. It is awarded to a 2L or 3L student who meets the following criteria. Once the list of nominees is compiled the list is presented to the standing committee of the Professor Jeffrey Jackson Scholarship fund for the final award.

 GPA at or above 2.75

A student has a clear financial need
First generation student to complete college and/or a graduate level degree in their family

Deadline to apply is March 1, 2018.

Judge Dan Lee ’48 Memorial Scholarship:

 This Scholarship was established in memory of Mississippi Supreme Court Chief Justice Dan M. Lee, Sr., Class of 1948, whose lifelong devotion to the law was exemplifiedin his unwavering love of justice and his ceaseless battle for judicial integrity. Judge Lee demonstrated his commitment to education by his support and work with the Mississippi College School of Law. His intense belief that there is nobility in the practice of law was shown to the many young lawyers for whom he served as mentor and role model throughout his career. Judge Lee believed that every person is entitled to have access to an impartial judicial system, regardless of financial or social status. He also believed that lawyers should manifest uprightness and a sense moral responsibility in their chosen profession. His deeply held beliefs were based on his commitment to Jesus Christ.  He will be forever remembered as a benchmark of humanity and fairness.

Criteria for the Judge Dan Lee '48 Memorial Scholarship:

  • Awarded to a student who in the opinion of the Committee has earned the respect of the faculty and his/her peers through a commitment to the standards and ideals held by Judge Dan Lee. The recipient shall be a student who the Committee agrees will be an asset and contributor to the Bar.
  • Preference to 2Ls.
  • On basis of financial need.

Award: $1,000


Judge Tom S. Lee Scholarship:

 The Judge Tom S. Lee Scholarship will be awarded to students of promise who demonstrate the  same academic gifts, high morals, character and integrity as Tom Lee and require financial aid to attend law school.

Amount: $500


Madison County Bar Scholarship Award:

The recipient will need to be a 2nd or 3rd year student and either a resident or former resident of Madison County.  MC will select the student based on needs after the two criteria are met.


Victor and Gayle Mavar Scholarship Award:

Established in 1988, the purpose of the fund is to provide scholarships for worthy and financially needy law students at Mississippi College School of Law.


FIRST: Lineal descendants of Victor and Gayle Mavar; provided, however, that in no event shall a recipient be either of the donors, a child or grandchild of the donors, nor any other person the donors have any obligation to support. Provided further that in no event shall a recipient be selected that would cause disallowance of the charitable contribution deduction under 26 U.S.C.A. §170 or such other similar provision as then may apply or that would otherwise disqualify the fund as a charitable scholarship fund.

SECOND: Graduates of St. Patrick’s High School in Biloxi, Mississippi or any successor school.

THIRD: Graduates of Our Lady of Victories High School in Pascagoula, Mississippi or any successor school.

FOURTH: Graduates of Biloxi High School in Biloxi, Mississippi or any successor school.

FIFTH: Graduates of any high school in Harrison County, Mississippi.

Although preference will be given to the order listed above (St. Patrick’s High School, Our Lady of Victories High School, Biloxi High School, or any other high school in Harrison County, Mississippi) all eligible applicants will be judged on the following criteria:

A. Financial Need
B. Overall grade point average (including undergraduate, graduate and law school grades)
D. Potential as a lawyer
E. Potential service to the Bar and community

Recipient(s) of the scholarship must maintain a class standing of the top one-half to be continued the following year, assuming funds are available. If more than one student is selected for the scholarship, amounts will be apportioned as funds are available.

Award: $1,000 per student @ $500 per semester


 Sue Riggan Millette Scholarship:

 Presented in memory of graduate Sam Millette’s mother to provide assistance to a deserving young, married law student.

Awards: $2,000 (or 2 students at $1,000 each)


Fellows of the Young Lawyers of the Mississippi Bar Award:

Presented to a Mississippi resident who exemplifies the qualities of leadership, academic achievement, service to the college community and the greater community, as evidenced by participation in extracurricular activities. It is further required that the recipient have been a resident of Mississippi for five years preceding the award of the scholarship. The Committee may, but is not required to consider, financial need.

Award: $500



 Rankin County Bar Scholarship Award:

In 2011 the Rankin County Bar Association changed the requirement for the Scholarship. In the past, the only requirement was residency in Rankin County. Candidates for the Scholarship must now fall into one of seven categories:

1. Graduated from a high school in Rankin County;
2. Own residence that is in Rankin County;
3. Have a parent or grandparent who has resided in Rankin County for not less than five consecutive years and currently resides in Rankin County;
4. Have a parent or grandparent who owns a business that has its principal office in Rankin County;
5. One of [your] parents/grandparents is an employee of Rankin County or a municipality within Rankin County;
6. One of [your] parents/grandparents is a member of the Rankin County Bar Association or an active or retired judge in Rankin county;
7. One of [your] parents/grandparents is an employee of a member of the Rankin County Bar Association.

Award: $1,250


 Betty B. Tucker ’38 Award:

 Established by Dean Mary Libby Payne, this award is named in honor of a Jackson School of Law graduate who served as the first female chancellor of Hinds County. Presented to a female law student who shows academic promise. Also, a Mississippi University for Women graduate is preferred.

Award: $500


Women in Profession Award:

 As determined by the Women in the Profession Committee of the Mississippi Bar, the criteria for a $1,000 scholarship recipient are as follows:

  1. The student must be a full-time, 2L or 3L female law student in good standing
  2. The student must demonstrate a commitment to public service (evidenced by either an externship, internship or other documented volunteer work); and
  3. The student participates, to some degree, in her law school’s student government and/or student body association activities.

Award: $1,000