meethefaculty.jpg"The MC Law faculty brings a great sense of balance, challenging their students while remaining 100 percent approachable. Our professors have immense knowledge of their respective subject areas, and it's evident they are experts in their fields. We are lucky to have such wonderful professors who truly care about each student."

Margaret Zimmerman
Former MC Law Student

Meet the Faculty


MC Law's professors are more than just instructors. They are noted scholars, respected legal experts, and mentors who inspire their students to succeed.


MC Law Faculty


 John P. Anderson  Angela Mae Kupenda
 Patricia W. Bennett  J. Larry Lee 
 Donald Campbell  Victoria A. Lowery

 Deborah Challener  

 Phillip L. McIntosh
 J. Gordon Christy  Richard V. Meyer
 Meta Copeland  Mary Miller
 Cecile C. Edwards  Mark Modak-Truran
 N. Shelton Hand Jr.  Alina Ng
 John D. Haskell  Loren Pratt
 Christoph Henkel  Mary Purvis
 H. Lee Hetherington  Jim Rosenblatt
 Jeffrey J. Jackson  Dean Wendy Scott
 Judith Johnson  Matthew S. Steffey
 Randall K. Johnson  Jonathan F. Will
 Shirley T. Kennedy   


Visiting Faculty


 Michael McCann   

Research Faculty


  Justin Huckaby  Stephen Parks
   Thomas Walter


Adjunct Faculty


Click here to download a list of the current adjunct faculty