Admissions Deposit

Admissions deposits secure your seat in the class and are deposited to your student account.  They will serve as a credit against any charges for your tuition and fees.  These deposits are not refundable

Admissions deposits may be made by check or by using the Touchnet online system of Mississippi College.  Checks may be mailed to:


151 E. Griffith Street

Jackson, MS 39201


Online deposits can be made by following instructions below.  By using your MC Law student number, your funds will automatically be credited to your student account.  To complete this process you will need only your student number (also called 700 number) which was provided to you by the MC Law Admissions Office.  If you do not have your student number, our Admissions Office can provide it for you at  At this time our payment processor does not accept VISA, so you will not be able to use that card type.  We expect for VISA usage to be available soon.


Step 1:  Visit the Touchnet login page at

Your USER ID is your student number (700 number) provided to you by the Admissions Office.

Your PIN is your 6 digit date of birth. (Example: 030590 for March 5, 1990).

If you are having difficulty logging on or making a deposit, please call Karen Key at (601) 925-3383.



Step 2: Click “eDeposits” on the top heading.




Step 3: Choose “Fall 2014”, then choose “Law Deposit”. 




Step 4: Next input the Deposit Payment amount.  $250 for first deposit or second deposit or $500 for both. 




Step 5: Select payment method.  “Credit Card via PayPath” will be the most common, but you could also pay through a checking account or through an ATM Card or Debit Card.




Step 6: Confirm your payment method and continue to PayPath, the secure Touchnet system for accepting cards.



Step 7: Verify that your 700 number is correct and click continue. 




Step 8: Verify payment amount and click continue.


Step 9: Enter your card information and complete the transaction.