Jeremy Paul

Northeastern University School of Law

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Name: Jeremy Paul
Total Years as a dean: 9.08
Biography Link:
Profile/Resume Link: N/A
University Title: Dean and Professor of Law
On faculty prior to becoming dean: No
"Languages" other than english: N/A
Dean has tenure:Yes

Current Deanship

Northeastern University School of Law | 2012-08-13 to 2016-05-25 | Duration: 3.78 years

Past Deanship

University of Connecticut School of Law | 2007-04-27 to 2012-08-13 | Duration: 5.30 years
Subjects Taught: Property, Constitutional Law, Jurisprudence

Law Degrees

J.D., cum laude, Harvard University Law School , 1981

Non-Law Degrees

A.B., Political Economy, Cum Laude, Princeton University, 1978


University of Connecticut School of Law, 1989-2012, Property, Consitutional Law, Jurisprudence, Thomas F. Gallivan, Jr. Professor of Real Property Law

University of Miami School of Law, 1983-1988, Property, Eminent Domain, Administrative Law

Northeastern University School of Law, 2012- current, Theory for the Sake of Clients


Travelers Group, Hartford, CT, 1993-94, Assistant to the President

Military Service


Federal Service

U.S. Dept. of Justice, Appellate Staff, Civil Division, Professor in Residence, 1988-89

U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, CLerk to Judge Irving R. Kaufman, 1982-83

State Service


Federal Judgeships


State Judgeships


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