Change Agents for the Change We Want to See

A letter from Patricia Bennett, Dean and Professor of Law

I along with the faculty, staff and students am appalled by the ongoing, systemic and perpetual racial and societal injustices which exist in this country and the numerous killings that have been committed against Black Americans under the color of law. We oppose the senseless brutality and injustices being committed and operating under a pattern, practice and culture fostering unequal treatment. We feel the same sadness, anger, frustration, pain, and grief caused by the extrajudicial killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and so many others too numerous to name. President Blake Thompson has issued a statement [statement], but I wanted to write to you on behalf of the law school. The Black Law Students Association (BLSA), [statement] Law Student Bar Association and other student associations [statement] have issued statements committing to stand in solidarity and commit to a course of action to promote inclusivity, diversity, and justice at MC Law. The law faculty has pledged [resolution] to stand in solidarity with the university, staff, law students, legal community, and the nation to identify, challenge, and work to eradicate racial inequities.

We recognize our responsibility as administrators, law professors, staff, students, and Christians to fight ignorance and intolerance, model inclusivity, and embrace our differences and the power that diversity represents and to stand in ongoing support of our students, staff, fellow faculty, and their families who are persons of color. We believe that every American should feel safe, free, and accepted in our country.

We pledge and stand in solidarity to work for policy changes that dismantle structural systems of oppression that perpetuate racial inequities in our society, to be better listeners and supporters of those who are the victims of racism, and to continuously abide by the goal of providing respect and equal treatment to all in upholding the rule of law. We are committed to being agents for the change we want to see.

Standing in solidarity, we are a stronger and better MC Law family. Sincerely,

Patricia Bennett
Dean and Professor of Law