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Public Interest Law Group

Mississippi College School of Law Public Interest Law Group (PILG) is a student-run organization committed to supporting law students who want to work in public interest law.  PILG was formed in the Fall of 2006, after realizing the need for public interest law support in Mississippi post-Hurricane Katrina.  Students in PILG work together to organize social activities and fundraiser events.

PILG’s greatest accomplishment to this date is the establishment of a Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP) at MC Law. Since 2010, MC Law alumni who take public interest law jobs after graduation can receive monetary assistance in repaying the burdening student loans that most law school students face today.   Money for the LRAP is raised through several different events and donations.  Our LRAP is young and we are looking for additional funding and donations to be able to offer loan repayment assistance to many graduating law students each year. If you are interested in making any donations, please email Rita Santibanez.

For more information about LRAP and the LRAP application, please click here.

PILG also shares much of its success with MC Law’s Summer Public Interest Fellowships that allows students to take non-paying public interest summer jobs while receiving a salary from a mixture of MS Law and federal funds.  For more information about the Summer Public Interest Fellowship, please click here.

2017-2018 Officers:

  • Shaneice Gordon - President
  • Chip Adkins - Vice President
  • Mariah Stringer - Secretary
  • Julius Gladney - Treasurer