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American Civil Liberties Union


The ACLU Student Chapter at Mississippi College School of Law strives to maintain an active and flourishing relationship with the ACLU of Mississippi, and to offer a platform to get informed and discuss the subject of civil liberties. 


  • Guest Speakers, Movie Night, Forums on topics related to Civil Liberties
  • Day of Dialogue and Lunch with the ACLU of Mississippi
  • Community Events


  • Create a pipeline for students to gain positions and employment with the ACLU or its affiliates through a continued cultivation of the relations with the ACLU of Mississippi. Also, we want to assist the ACLU of Mississippi and its numerous community partners at various events, in the hopes of spreading information and awareness about civil liberties and generally giving back to the community. 
  •  The ACLU Student Chapter is here to serve as a platform for free discussion and civil debate on the many pressing and intense subjects of our day’s political discourse, including civil liberties. 


  • President, Condrea Collins (
  • Treasurer, Chaz Mangum (

Get involved @ (ACLU of Mississippi) & (ACLU National).