The "Prohibition Against Employer Intimidation Act"; create.

Legislative Session: 2014

First Floor Action: 2014-02-13

Principal Author: Brown

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Action Summary

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02/13 (S) Passed
02/13 (S) Motion to Reconsider Entered

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02/17 (S) Motion to Reconsider Tabled
02/17 (S) Transmitted To House

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03/05 (H) Amended
03/05 (H) Point of Order Raised
03/05 (H) Set Aside-Pend Ruling of Chair
03/05 (H) Passed As Amended
03/05 (H) Motion to Reconsider Entered (Evans (70th), Turner, Crawford)

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03/06 (H) Motion to Reconsider Tabled

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03/10 (H) Returned For Concurrence

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03/26 (S) Concurred in Amend From House