Transfer Students

A move to MC Law could enhance your success as a law student and as a legal professional.

Students with credits from ABA accredited law schools are eligible to apply to transfer to MC Law. Transfer students may bring no more than 30 credit hours for consideration.

The application for transferring to MC Law is available online. Please submit your completed application to For questions, contact us the MC Law Admissions Office at  601.925.7152.

To apply, submit:

  • An application for transfer to MC Law
  • A completed advanced standing application (available upon request from the MC Law Admissions Office)
  • LSDAS report – a copy from your current law school will suffice
  • Two letters of recommendation from faculty members at your current/former law school
  • A letter of good standing from the dean at your current/former law school
  • An official undergraduate school transcript sent directly from your undergraduate school and showing your degree and the date the degree was granted.