Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

The following learning outcomes were approved by the MC Law faculty to reflect the knowledge, skills, and values we expect our graduates to possess.  MC Law is committed to providing our students with both the substantive knowledge and lawyering skills necessary to become ethical members of the profession.  Consistent with ABA standards, these learning outcomes were devised to help us measure student attainment of these objectives through periodic assessment. 

  1. Graduates will demonstrate an understanding and fundamental knowledge of the basic rules, theoretical foundations, and principles of substantive and procedural law.
  2. Graduates will demonstrate effective analytical and problem-solving skills.
  3. Graduates will demonstrate the ability to perform comprehensive legal research using print and electronic resources.
  4. Graduates will effectively communicate their legal reasoning both in writing and orally.
  5. Graduates will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of a lawyer’s moral, ethical, and professional responsibilities to clients, the profession, and the community.
  6. Graduates will demonstrate proficiency in the skills that are essential for competent and ethical participation as a member of the legal profession.