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The Youth Court Clinic

Work directly defending and counseling children accused in youth court of committing serious offenses.

Gain Experience in Youth Court Proceedings While Defending and Counseling the Children Involved.

Law students enrolled in the Youth Court Clinic serve as the attorney who will defend and counsel children and youth who have been accused of committing status offenses and offenses that would be considered a misdemeanor or felony if they were an adult.

The Youth Court Clinic at Mississippi College School of Law collapses the distance between theory and practice by offering students the opportunity to learn Youth Court Law, interview clients and witnesses, advocate on behalf of the accused juvenile in courtroom proceedings, and counsel children and youth to help match them with the proper rehabilitative alternatives to detention where appropriate. Students are instructed in child psychology, identifying signs of child abuse and neglect, client interviewing, and case file management. Students also study the substantive and procedural laws governing cases of alleged child abuse and neglect, termination of parental rights, and finalization of adoptions in Mississippi courts. These students are admitted to the limited practice of law under the close supervision of a faculty member.

Contact the Youth Court Clinic at MC School of Law

Crystal Welch

Associate Clinical Professor
Cell:  601.925.7179
Phone: 601.925.7179
Fax: 601.925.7182