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The Mississippi Law Institute (MLI) produces high-quality, timely, relevant publications for law students and legal practitioners.

MLI wecomes your input. Please let us know which MLI publications are helpful to you and what type of resources you would like to see published by MLI in the future.

MLI also welcome manuscripts or ideas for publications from potential contributors.

In the latter half of the 20th century, MLI was guided by young lawyers in the Jackson, Mississippi, area, many of whom went onto become highly respected attorneys and judges. Today, as a part of MC Law, MLI maintains the high standards established by these outstanding men and women. MLI produces publications that serve not only to inform practitioners, but also to enhance the legal profession in Mississippi.


Tammy Upton

Mississippi College Law Review

The Mississippi College Law Review publishes original works of scholarship written by leading jurists and law students nationwide.

Subscriptions are $36.00 per year for three issues. The Law Review renews all subscriptions automatically unless the subscriber provides timely notice of cancellation. Address changes should be made at least one month before publication date. Please provide an old mailing label or the entire old address. The new address must include the zip code. Information requests, new orders, address changes, subscriptions, cancellations, and similar correspondence should be directed to:

Managing Editor
Mississippi College Law Review
151 East Griffith Street
Jackson, Mississippi 39201

The Review accepts manuscript submissions through ExpressO or via email to Submissions must be in Microsoft Word format, and citations must conform to the 19th edition of the Bluebook. The Review looks to Bryan Garner’s Redbook for guidance on grammar, style, and usage in legal writing, as well as to the Chicago Manual of Style generally.

Available Publications

Damages Law for Mississippi Trial Practice

John G. Corlew
Price: $295.00

This publication addresses all elements of tort damages, includes suggested jury instructions and catalogues more than 200 million dollar verdicts in all 22 Mississippi Circuit Court Districts and Federal Courts.

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2013-2014 Mississippi Rules Annotated

Mary Miller
Price: $135

Mississippi Rules Annotated is the most comprehensive compilation of case annotations for the civil procedure, evidence and appellate court rules available on the market. The 2013-2014 edition has been updated to include rules, amendments and case annotations through March 2013. In this edition, the annotations are arranged topically, making it easier to pinpoint cases that discuss a particular portion of a rule.

To order this publication, please click here.

Mississippi Appellate Practice: Edition 2010 Fully revised

Luther Munford
Price: $295.00

This comprehensive guide to appellate practice in Mississippi includes appeals to trial courts, with checklists, forms, table of authorities and index. New features in this edition include new case citations through March 2010, cross references to Encyclopedia of MS Law, MS Civil Procedure, MS Rules Annotated, MS Chancery Practice, and the MS Jury: Law and Practice.

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Mississippi Limitations of Actions 2009-2010

Thomas B. Walter
Price: $ 99.95 + tax and shipping

The 2009-2010 Edition of Mississippi Limitations of Actions reflects the most recent changes to Mississippi limitations law and is a valuable resource for attorneys who face possible time bars to actions. The book includes quick guides to the various time bars, in addition to discussions of the various cases and code sections affecting time limits.
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A Goodly Heritage: A Memoir of Mississippi College School of Law

Judge Mary Libby Payne
Price: $55

A Goodly Heritage is the story of Mississippi College School of Law as told by its founding dean.  The book chronicles the purchase of Jackson School of Law and continues through the labyrinth of acquiring American Bar Association accreditation and national prominence.

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MLi Bulletin

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MLI Press offers an e-mail subscription service delivering weekly summaries of all published Mississippi Supreme Court and Court of Appeals opinions, usually within a day following hand down. The facts and legal analysis are presented in a concise format which allows an attorney to quickly determine if the case is one which is pertinent to his or her practice. A hypertext link to the opinion on the official Supreme Court web site is included for ease in viewing the full-text opinion. The summaries are prepared by Mary Miller, Director of Mississippi College Law Library and Editor of MLI Press and are available in WordPerfect or Microsoft Word format.


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