86% of MC Law students have completed an externship or worked part time in the legal field prior to graduation.


MC Law graduates practice in 41 states and six countries.




Students in Class 151
High LSAT 164
75% LSAT 153
Median LSAT 147
25% LSAT 144
High GPA 4.0
75% GPA 3.47
Median GPA 3.10
25% GPA 2.71
Average age 26
Age Range 20-49
Males 59%
Females 41%
Minorities 26%
Mississippi Students 64%
Out-of-state Students 36%
July 2013 Mississippi Bar Exam
MC Law Pass Rate 85.4%
All takers Pass Rate 86.2%
July 2012 Mississippi Bar Exam
MC Law Pass Rate 86.7%
All takers Pass Rate 80.9%


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content-prospective-students-3.jpg“MC Law combines professionalism with a family atmosphere. The course work is demanding, but the relationships among the students and faculty are supportive and collegial. I come to class every day knowing that my fellow students and my professors want me to succeed.”

— Angela Cole '11, Former MC Law Student


Recruiting for Success


MC Law takes a whole person approach to recruiting and admissions. Your LSAT score is definitely a criterion, but our student selection process doesn’t stop there.


MC Law is interested in students who demonstrate not only the intellect needed to succeed in law school, but the character, leadership skills, and drive required to succeed in life. MC Law content-prospective-students.jpgis looking for well-rounded people of promise. That attitude is reflected in the law school’s application process, which considers not only your LSAT score and your GPA, but also your life experiences and the potential you bring to the law school and the legal field.


Students accepted to MC Law will find that the whole person approach doesn’t end with the admissions process. Our professors are available to work with students one-on-one to identify individual challenges and enhance areas of strength. From opportunities to study law abroad to participating in public interest work to competing on our nationally-recognized appellate, trial, and arbitrations and dispute resolution teams, MC Law offers opportunities for each student to explore the specific areas in which he or she excels.


For most prospective students, tuition is a determining factor in choosing a law school. MC Law ranks among the most affordable private law schools in the country. The law school offers generous, merit-based scholarships that can make the dream of a first-class legal education a reality. And unlike most law schools, MC Law also offers scholarships for outstanding academic performance as an MC Law student. The tuition at MC Law is "locked in" so you will pay the same tuition for all three years.


From the moment you apply until the day you graduate and throughout your lifetime as an alumnus, MC Law treats you as an individual.



There is no application fee for those who apply online

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We offer Friday afternoon tours and class visits.  On Friday afternoons, prospective students can tour the campus and sit in on a first year class.  

The tours begin at 12:30 p.m. each Friday and the class begins at 1 p.m.  

To reserve a spot, please contact Bobbie Cole:

(601) 925-7152 or





Accredited by the American Bar Association; Charter Member, International Association of Law Schools; Member, Association of American Law Schools


MC Law does not use admissions policies or take other action to preclude admission of applicants or retention of students on the basis or race, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age or disability.