Why MC Law


Location, Location, Location


If you are looking for a year long vacation in the United States where your studies and career are not the priority, then MC Law is NOT for you. However, if you want to be a serious student and jumpstart your career in the law, we are the perfect place. Mississippi College School of Law is centrally located in downtown Jackson, Mississippi.Our location is within walking distance of multiple local, state and federal law offices where you have the opportunity to observe and interact with the practice of law in the United States first hand. These offices include the Mississippi Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, Attorney General and the Federal District Court. Further, there are affordable apartments located directly across the street from the law school. We are in an area of the United States with one of the lowest overall costs of living. If you combine this with the fact that our tuition is one of the lowest in the United States for LL.M. Programs, despite all the added perks and services, and that we provide a full 30 credits of education, the MC Law LL.M. Program is one of, if not the most affordable LL.M. program in the country.


Unparalleled Support


We will provide you more 1 one 1 mentorship and personalized support than any other LL.M. Program in the country. We go beyond the simple academic advice provided by other schools. We keep our program small so that we can provide you one on one tutoring and mentoring and career guidance. From meeting you at the airport to helping furnish your apartment and rides to stores and services, the faculty, staff and student body are there to help you out. Once you arrive you are part of our family. Mississippi, the Hospitality State, is world renowned for the warm way it opens its hearts and hearths to visitors.




Take a look around at other LL.M. Programs. You will find that, even though we provide a full 30 credits of education, our total tuition is one of the most affordable in the United States and our cost of living is the absolute lowest. These combine to make our estimated cost of attendance incredibly low for a U.S. program. Add in the amazing opportunities and the unequaled support and access to faculty and you will see that we are the best value for any LL.M. Program in America. Further, we have extensive scholarship and fellowship opportunities.




At MC, we know the importance of making contacts and building a professional network on a successful legal career. We make it our priority to help you get started. This past summer our small group of LL.M. students was able to sit down for a private conversation with the Clerk of the United States Supreme Court, the Chief Justice of the Mississippi Supreme Court, a United States Congressman, and a senior partner from one of the ten largest law firms in the world. Not only that, but they received a private tour of the Pentagon from a high ranking military attorney, a tour of the U.S. Capitol from a U.S. Congressman, and tours of the Mississippi Capital Building and Courts led by our very own Dean. There is no other LL.M. Program in the world that will provide this level of personal access to such accomplished individuals.




Unlike other LL.M. Programs, we do not isolate our LL.M. students from our J.D. student body and classes. You will have access to the full J.D. curriculum at our school and take classes alongside our J.D. students. Our esteemed and decorated faculty includes experts in the fields of: International Business, Public & Private International Law, International Criminal Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Health Care Law & Human Rights, Intellectual Property, Tax, Legal History, Civil Rights Law, Criminal Law, Advocacy & Litigation, Family Law, Employment Law, Government Contracting, Products Liability and many others. If your English skills need improvement, we have an excellent and very low cost Intensive English Program for you to attend prior to starting the LL.M. Program.


Your Future


At MC Law, we like to brag about the accomplishments of our students. Our alumni include judges, politicians, litigators, and business leaders renowned for their intelligence, wisdom and accomplishments. We would like to add you to this list by helping you accomplish your goals. If your goal is to sit for a bar exam in the United States, our LL.M. Program qualifies and prepares you equal to or better than any other LL.M. Program. On top of that, we offer the incredible opportunity to transfer from the LL.M. Program to our J.D. Program that will qualify you to sit for the bar in every U.S. jurisdiction. If your goal is to teach the law, we offer an excellent Thesis program that will start you on the road to being an accomplished legal scholar. If you want to become an excellent legal practitioner, we have the most technologically advanced advocacy program in the country.