Traditional Studies, American Legal Studies, and International and European Studies


The Traditional, American Legal Studies, and International and European Studies LL.M. Programs are specifically designed for candidates educated outside the United States or with an interest in developing their knowledge of non-American legal systems. A significant number of the faculty have international legal expertise or include comparative elements in their teaching. Through access to the full JD curriculum, research and practical engagement candidates have the opportunity to strengthen their knowledge of the American legal system to pass the local or New York Bar while honing their specialized interests. MC Law offers competitive prices, one-to-one faculty mentorship, small class sizes, and administrative support at every stage of your studies; from help in securing housing and immigration status to preparing for the local or New York Bar to post-graduation work placement. Candidates are also offered a tremendous variety of extra-curricular activities, including career events, field trips, internships, visiting lectures and workshops, and regular social activities. In addition, candidates are eligible upon successful completion of the LL.M. degree to enter the JD program at unit requirement. Please explore the website to discover more about these opportunities and we would be delighted to hear from you at