LL.M. Program - Frequently Asked Questions


MC Law tailors its LL.M. degree programs to fit the unique requirements of foreign candidates interested to acquire an American legal orientation and continue their education in specialized fields, and J.D. graduates interested in developing their advocacy skills. In addition to the information provided on the website, please contact LLM@mc.edu for any further assistance.


How Much Is The Program?

For academic year 2015/16, the tuition rate is $1054 per credit hour.   Total costs will vary based on the number of credits (12-36) and length (1-4 semesters) of your specific academic plan.  For a total estimated cost of attendance specific to your academic goals, email LLM@mc.edu.

However, MC Law offers a variety of scholarships that can significantly reduce costs. In addition, Jackson affords candidates extremely competitive day-to-day living costs.



What Sort of Assistance Can I Expect As An LL.M. Candidate?

MC Law is committed to fully supporting its LL.M. candidates and graduates. MC Law assists candidates to locate accommodations, provides logistical aid for day-to-day needs, offers help in securing immigration status, offers close one-to-one faculty mentorship and small class sizes, and works with candidates to realize their post-graduation plans.



Are Foreign Graduates of the LL.M. Programs Eligible to Sit the US Bar Examination?

MC Law offers candidates an LL.M. curriculum that allows graduates to sit the New York bar examination, as well as a number of other state exams.  Candidates not interested to sit the bar have additional curricular options, and all candidates have the opportunity to pursue their specialized interests.



Are Foreign Lawyers Eligible to Work in the United States After Graduation?

Absolutely. Graduates are eligible to stay and work in the United States through Optimal Practical Training (OPT). At the minimum, F-1 Student Visas allow graduates to remain in the United States for up to 12 months. Many LL.M. graduates from MC Law currently live in the United States with internship placements or permanent employment. MC Law is committed to helping its graduates achieve their professional goals, whether in the United States or abroad, and provides tailored workshops on resume and cover letter writing, interviewing skills, work experience opportunities, and an extensive alumni network.



Is It Possible for LL.M. Students to Apply to the JD Program?

MC Law offers qualified LL.M. students to apply to the JD program using grades and faculty recommendations instead of an LSAT score. Candidates LL.M. degree earned at MC Law will count toward their JD credits to allow students to earn their JD in only two additional years.



How Do I Apply to the LL.M. Program?

Candidates may apply online through LSAC or directly to MC Law at LLM@mc.edu. Candidates are encouraged to also explore the MC Law website to learn more about the administrative, curricular, and faculty support.



What Level of English Proficiency Is Required?

LL.M. candidates must generally demonstrate English fluency with a TOEFL score minimum of … In rare cases, if candidates are unable to take the TOEFL, other evidence may be considered to demonstrate English fluency. MC Law provides intensive English courses …



When Do the Programs Begin?

Candidates typically begin in the late summer or Fall semester of the academic year. Students may arrive at the beginning of the Spring semester if required to attend intensive English language courses prior to beginning their LL.M. studies.