LL.M. Program


Master of Laws (LL.M. Program)


Simply put, the MC Law LL.M. Program is extraordinary.  Whether your goal is to take and pass a U.S. bar examination; gain education and experience in a specialized field of law; develop advanced advocacy skills; or gain the research, writing and teaching skills necessary for a successful academic career, the MC Law LL.M. Program stands alone in its focus on helping you succeed at that goal.  We excel in the areas of support, access and affordability because we believe these areas are the most important to you.


We provide support for almost every aspect of your life from the moment you are accepted into the program.  From the expert immigration and logistical support, to the career guidance that continues well beyond graduation we will be there to provide a helping hand.  We will be with you as you develop a personalized academic plan to accomplish your goals.  In addition to the excellent education from our prominent professional faculty, a faculty member is available to provide you with one on one tutoring to ensure your success.   We are proud to be part of a university that has over one hundred and eighty seven years of experience in providing excellent education to its students.


If your goal is to sit for and pass a U.S. bar examination, no LL.M. Program will provide better preparation than MC Law.  You will have total access to all the courses in our curriculum, including the first year classes such as Torts, Contracts, Property & Civil Procedure.  Many foreign students who have attended U.S. LL.M. programs at other schools fail the bar examination.   This may be because they were denied access to the same core law classes as J.D. students.  Not at MC Law.  Here you will attend the same courses and classes as our J.D students; the same courses and classes that have resulted in an eighty eight percent bar passage for first time takers of the last July 2012 bar examination.


Perhaps your goal is to return to your own country to teach law, as 25% of our LL.M. graduates have done.  If so, you have the possibility of participating in our Thesis Program.  In this program, you will research, write and edit your work under the supervision of one or more of our faculty in preparation for a full public defense.  The goal of the thesis program is to help transform you from student to scholar while developing a publishable legal article.


Then again, your goal may be to improve your skills as a legal practitioner to succeed in the global market.  At MC Law, not only can your curriculum be carefully tailored to meet this goal, but you will have access to one of the most advanced advocacy systems in the world.  You can choose to learn from both scholars and practitioners in a variety of practice areas, including:  International Business & Trade, Finance & Banking, Intellectual Property, Corporate Litigation and Oil & Gas Law. If you are interested in establishing a global legal career, MC Law is ready to help you succeed.


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