Law School News



Law Librarian Stephen Parks has one article published and one accepted for publication.  


Parks’s article titled "The Birthers’ Attacks and the Judiciary’s Article III Defense of the Obama Presidency" was recently published in 38 Southern University Law Review 179 (2011).  Beginning with the history of the birther movement, which for a time plagued the Obama presidency, Parks’s article explores the presidential qualifications clause of the United States Constitution and argues that the federal judiciary, should it abide by Article III principles, has no role in any determination concerning a president or presidential candidate’s eligibility.


Parks also recently had another article accepted for publication. Parks’s article written for non-law librarians who need assistance with legal research materials, "Judicial Data for Mississippi’s JJe Appellate Cases: One Mississippi Library’s Experience in Opening Up the State Judiciary to Greater Access by the Library Patron," was accepted for publication in the forthcoming fall 2011 edition of The Southeastern Librarian Journal, the official publication of the Southeastern Library Association.  The article discusses the history and usefulness of the law school’s Judicial Data Project for librarians of all specialties.