Faculty News


Professor Felicia Smith, MC Law Distinguished Visiting Professor of Business Law (2008-10), has scholarly manuscript accepted for publication. 


Professor Felicia Smith recently entered into an agreement with The University of Baltimore Law Review  to publish her manuscript, entitled "Madoff Ponzi Scheme Exposes 'The Myth of the Sophisticated Investor.'"   The expected publication date is March 2011. 


Her timely and thorough legal, economic, and policy analysis garnered publication offers from 10 journals across the United States. 


In addition to the completion of this fine scholarly work, Professor Felicia Smith recently returned to the Greater Metropolitan Washington, D.C. area, where she opened a law firm in Downtown Washington.  Her firm, Felicia Smith Law Office, P.C., practices primarily in the areas of corporate, securities, and bankruptcy.  You may send your congratulations to her at felicia.smith@feliciasmithlawoffice.com.