Faculty News


Prof. Angela Mae Kupenda, with co-author Dr. Michelle Deardorff (JSU), and Atty. Tray Hairston '09 present papers at scholarship conference, April 2011.


Kupenda, Deardorff and Hairston each made presentations at the 2011 Joint Meeting of the Southeast/Southwest/Midwest People of Color Legal Scholarship Conferences, themed "The Role of the Law in Fostering Social, Political, and Economic Equality," co-sponsored by John Marshall Law School and Nova Southeastern University, held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, March 31-April 3, 2011.


Kupenda and Deardorff presented a joint work in progress titled, "Negotiating Social Mobility and Critical Citizenship:  Professor at a Crossroads."  Their work was earlier presented at the 2011 American Political Science Association Teaching and Learning Conference, Albuquerque, NM, in February.  Deardorff is a Professor of Political Science at Jackson State University (JSU).


Hairston, an associate with Balch & Bingham, LLP, presented a work in progress titled, "Prolegomena to Any Future Economic Development:  Mississippi's Progressive-Forward Leaning Approach to Economic Development.  Attendees in attendance at his session applauded his work as providing "fresh insights and a positive approach to serve as a model for economic improvement." Kupenda is his scholarship mentor.


Also presenting was another of Kupenda's scholarship mentees, Atty. Sheea Sybblis, a New Jersey federal law clerk, who presented a work in progress entitled, "Limited Eggs and Indefinite Sperm:  The Recipe for the Gray Market."  Her work is part of a series of articles addressing cutting edge issues of bioethics and gender.


Kupenda is also the lead author on a recently published article, co-authored with two former students, Attorney Letitia Simmons Johnson ‘06 and Attorney Ramona Seabron-Williams ‘07.  Their article titled, Political Invisibility of Black Women:  Still Suspect but No Suspect Class, was recently published in 50 Washburn L.J. 109 (2010).   Kupenda also recently had another article accepted for publication. Kupenda’s manuscript written for people of color and white women on the tenure track, Academic War Strategies for Nonviolent Armies of One, was accepted for publication in the forthcoming 2010 conference edition of the crit Legal Studies Online Journal, University of Idaho College of Law.