Faculty News


Professor Angela Mae Kupenda has another article accepted in February 2012 for publication in the University of Richmond Journal of Law and Public Interest.


Professor Angela Mae Kupenda recently had her scholarly manuscript titled, "Motherhood and the Constitution:  (Re)thinking the Power of Women to Facilitate Change," accepted for publication in an upcoming issue  of The University of Richmond's Journal of Law and Public Interest (forthcoming 2012).


Kupenda's article addresses the constitutionally endowed power of women, through mothering, to dismantle barriers and help forge equality.  This article is Kupenda's third article to be accepted for publication this academic year. She previously published this fall a co-authored piece, with political science professor Dr. Michelle D. Deardorff, in the University of Florida Journal of Law and Public Policy; and also Kupenda had an article accepted last month for publication in a forthcoming issue of The California Western Law Review.