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Mississippi College Online Catalog

  • MICAL - MC Law online catalog: access to [book, journal, audiovisual, electronic and other] all media titles located in the Law Library, Speed Library and Learning Resources Center. The web version of the catalog may be used on or off campus.

Mississippi College Law Databases

  • MC Main Campus Databases - houseicon.gif - A host of subscription services that are available to both main and law campuses
  • MC Main Campus Journals - houseicon.gif - Portal to the Journals database
  • MC Law Mississippi Resources - globeicon.gif - A Variety of Mississippi Legal links.
  • The American Benchkeyicon.gif - The world's most comprehensive directory of judges. For access see reference librarian.
  • The Association of Religion Data Archives - globeicon.gif - An online database that compiles religious data.
  • Blackwell Journals Synergy - schoolicon.gif - Click on law and criminology; selected online journals indicated by green dot.
  • BNA Onlineschoolicon.gif, keyicon.gif - 24 Different BNA products and databases are available via link. Click on CORE PLUS with Tax Management in the right column to access these subscriptions.
  • CALI -  keyicon.gif - Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction distributes a library of tutorials. Password is needed to download sessions from the web site.
  • CCH IntelliConnect schoolicon.gif -Access to three Academic Collections: Legal Professional, Business Compliance and Omni Tax. Browse collection, search by title or subject.
  • Center for Justice and Democracy - keyicon.gif - The Center for Justice & Democracy is a non-profit, tax-exempt group, founded by consumer advocates to raise public awareness of the value of our civil justice system. - 
  • Chronicle of Higher Education - keyicon.gif, schoolicon.gif - Free Internet access to the Chronicle's services, available every Monday morning and fully searchable; job announcements available every Friday morning.
  • Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO) - houseicon.gif, schoolicon.gif - is the most comprehensive source for theory and research in international affairs. 
  • EbscoHost Academic Search Premier - houseicon.gif - A non-legal database which searches many journals, newspapers and other sources.
  • Employment Law Memo - mailicon.gif - Provided by e-mail; expert summaries of decisions from all federal and state appellate courts. Students or faculty interested in receiving this publication by e-mail should contact a reference librarian.
  • Environmental Reporter - schoolicon.gif - Online access to many of the BNA publications; search by subject and/or jurisdiction
  • Findlaw - globeicon.gif - A Website with links to many state and federal resources
  • Forms Pass - keyicon.gif - State specific online legal forms service: Mississippi.
  • GlobaLex - globeicon.gif -
  • Hein On-Line - houseicon.gif - Access to all indexed legal periodicals, from their inception to the most current volumes, currently 107 law journals, browse by journal title, author, or article title, search by author/title, full-text, or official citation. Access to Mississippi College campuses. LINK to Primer in MP4 format.
  • Index to Legal Periodicals and Books (H.W.Wilson) - schoolicon.gif - A bibliographic database that covers all areas of jurisprudence, including recent court decisions, new legislation, and original scholarship.
  • Index to Legal Periodicals Retrospective: 1908 - 1981 (H.W.Wilson) schoolicon.gif
  • JStor - houseicon.gif - The Scholarly Journal Archive offers scanned images of journal issues and pages as they were originally designed, printed and illustrated.
  • Justinian Code - Annotated - globeicon.gif -(Via University of Wyoming Law) 
  • Law Journal Pressschoolicon.gif - Law Journal Press Online is an online version of the Law Journal Press print treatises.
  • LawMemo - Subscription - Labor and employment appellate law updates - Law school students and faculty may subscribe through the Law Library's account
  • Law Reviews with Online Content - globeicon.gif -A resource compiled by the New York Law School
  • LexisNexis - keyicon.gif - Law students have passworded access to this site.
  • LexisNexis - Attorney Jobs
  • LLMC - Digital - schoolicon.gif - Ongoing project; titles available on the web are U.S. federal, judicial and administrative documents.
  • Lois Law - keyicon.gif - Access to state and federal case and statutory law via online libraries.
  • Making of Modern Law - schoolicon.gif - Digitized the primary documents of Nineteenth Century Legal Treatises and Twentieth Century Legal Treatises collections, all separated into 99 subject areas
  • MS Lawyers WWW Domain - keyicon.gif, schoolicon.gif - Includes the Mississippi Code, attorney general opinions, ethics opinions, full-text of bills, Mississippi Supreme Court and Court of Appeals opinions, and Mississippi Supreme Court briefs.
  • National Consumer Law Center Digital Library - keyicon.gif
  • National Law Journal - keyicon.gif - Weekly news, commentary and analysis on lawyers and the law.
  • Pacer - keyicon.gif - Filing system for the U.S. Federal Courts.
  • Pratt's Financial Services Law Libraryschoolicon.gif 
  • ProQuest Congressional Publications  - schoolicon.gif - Access to U.S. legislative information; an index of congressional publications from 1970 to the present; retrieves CIS documents and Legislative Histories for public laws going back to 1970.
  • The Public Library of Law - globeicon.gif -
  • - globeicon.gif - Site launched by the U.S. Government dealing with the economic crises of 2008 & 2009.
  • RIA Checkpoint - keyicon.gif - Enter the required information, a user name and password sent by e-mail; online access to RIA's tax products which include tax analysis, practitioner insights in WG&L treatises and journals, tax-related news, cases, and rulings.
  • THOMAS - globeicon.gif -The Legislative Information source provided by the Library of Congress
  • U.N. Treaty Collection - globeicon.gif -
  • U.S. Government YouTube Channel - globeicon.gif - A resource that compiles many government videos.
  • U.S. Law Week - schoolicon.gif - Keep up with current key cases and legislative, regulatory, and pre-decisional developments, across all areas of the law. Click on Core to begin.
  • U.S. Supreme Court Records & Briefs - schoolicon.gif  -  Making of Modern Law - US Supreme Court Records and Briefs from 1832-1978
  • Westlaw - keyicon.gif - Law students have passworded access to this site.
  • Wall Street Journalkeyicon.gif - Online version is password restriced. See a Librarian to access the site (Faculty, Staff, and Students only)
  • Yearbook of European Lawschoolicon.gif - "The Yearbook of European Law seeks to promote the dissemination of ideas and provide a forum for legal discourse in the wider area of European law."

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