Bills by Author for 2020 Session

230 Authors

Aguirre - House

HB 777 Counselors; revise certain provisions of licensing laws.

Arnold - House

HB 429 Nonadjudication and pretrial intervention; authorize completion of workforce training as a condition that the court may impose.

Bain - House

HB 96 Emergency medical services provider; include fire stations and ambulances in definition under Baby Drop-off Law.
HB1243 Critical infrastructure; define crimes of impeding and trespassing against.
HB1266 Dept. of Agriculture; clarify use of security personnel to provide security services in state buildings under contract with DFA.
HB 97 Sell of urine; prohibit and prescribe criminal penalties for violation of.
HB1024 Habitual offender; revise penalties for.

Barnett - Senate

SB2692 Memorial highway; designate portion of Highway 11 in Jones County for Police Chief Tyrone Stewart.

Barton - House

HB 282 Golf carts and low-speed vehicles; allow municipalities to authorize operation on municipal streets.

Beckett - House

HB 824 Election commissioners; authorize per diem for primary and runoff election days in addition to general and special election days.
HB 993 Elections; provide penalties for persons who publish campaign materials without certain identifying information.
HB1017 2018 Transportation and Infrastructure Improvements Fund; revise purposes for which City of Bruce may use funds received from.

Bell (21st) - House

HB 336 Mississippi Workforce Development Study Committee; create.
HB1040 Agencies, departments and institutions; require to report workforce monies received and how those monies were spent to the SWIB each year.

Bennett - House

HB 667 Public special purpose schools; clarify provision related to administrative and licensed instructional personnel of.
HB 672 State Department of Education; permit to receive various contributions from public or private donors.
HB 888 Student club funds; clarify use and accounting practices by school districts.

Bounds - House

HB1415 Public Service Commission; remove from the provisions of the Mississippi Budget Transparency and Simplification Act.
HB1434 Part-time law enforcement officers; revise salary threshold determination for deputy sheriffs and police officers.
HB1561 Public Service Commission; extend repealers and make certain revisions to.
HB1018 Church Protection Act; revise how a church is required to maintain reords of its security team.

Branning - Senate

SB2398 Poll managers; remove limitation on number which may be appointed by local election commissioners.

Brown (20th) - House

HB 547 MS Workers' Compensation Commission; return to a special fund agency.

Burnett - House

HB1173 Secure detention and state training school; revise conditions under which a child may be ordered to by court.

Busby - House

HB1371 DPS division of driver services; make various revisions regarding.
HB1372 Commercial driver's license; revise various laws regarding.

Byrd - House

HB1063 Certificate of educational recognition for tax assessors; authorize Mississippi Cooperative Extension Service to issue.

Chism - House

HB 322 Veterans; establish a permissive preference in private employment for certain veterans.
HB 744 Insurance premium discount for hurricane or windstorm damage mitigation; include commercial property.
HB 461 Workers' Compensation Law; revise various provisions of.

Cockerham - House

HB1130 State Domestic Violence Fund; remove match requirement.

DeBar - Senate

SB2353 Critical Needs Teacher Forgivable Loan Program; extend repealer on.
SB2508 Provisions of the Mississippi Critical Teacher Shortage Act of 1998; extend repealer on.
SB2509 Failing school districts; extend repealer on.
SB2511 Teachers; revise licensure.
SB2541 State and School Health Insurance Management Board; authorize superintendent of education to name designee.

Doty - Senate

SB2365 Motor vehicles; provide that ad valorem tax receipts shall not specify legislative session in relation to tag credit.
SB2403 Veterans; create the Mississippi Veterans Honor Medal Program.
SB2510 Foreign limited liability companies; revise administrative revocation.
SB2523 Law enforcement officers and firefighters; increase the death benefits payable to.

England - Senate

SB2636 Mississippi Corrupt Persons List; create.

Faulkner - House

HB 117 Water well contractor's license; remove requirement that applicant must present three affidavits to the DEQ examining committee.

Ford (54th) - House

HB 468 Mississippi Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association Act; revise.
HB 773 Commercial Lines Modernization Act; enact.

Gunn - House

HB1556 Career and technical education; revise curriculum, instructor license requirements and certain assessments.
HB1559 Human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation; provide services for victims through approved services.

Harkins - Senate

SB2288 Distinctive motor vehicle license tag; authorize issuance for Robotics Alliance of Mississippi.
SB2488 Motor vehicle title; change vehicle age from 10 to 20 years for odometer disclosure exemption to conform with federal mandate.
SB2864 Mississippi Employer-Assisted Housing Teacher Program; revise.
SB2257 State Auditor; authorize to examine tax returns necessary for auditing certain federal benefits.
SB2054 Capitol mail carrier and post office; repeal certain provisions relating to.

Hopkins - House

HB1510 Occupational licenses; revise provisions regarding licensing for certain military applicants.

Hopson - Senate

SB2395 School board members; increase pay.
SB2565 16th section trust interest; authorize districts to spend once loan payments are current.

Horan - House

HB1149 DUI; revise time period for fourth offense.

Jackson (32nd) - Senate

SB2277 Department of Mental Health; authorize to sell certain state owned property located in City of Meridian.

Lamar - House

HB 379 Mississippi Marketplace Facilitator Act of 2020; create.
HB 750 Mississippi Public Records Act of 1983; exempt certain records of Workers' Compensation Commission from definition of public records.
HB1090 Tourism project sales tax incentive program; revise definition of "tourism project," extend authority of MDA to approve participants.
HB 23 Mississippi Major Economic Impact Authority; revise certain authority concerning loan for certain economic development project.
HB 24 Bonds; revise certain provisions regarding sale by political subdivisions and other instrumentalities.
HB 565 Bonds; authorize issuance for grants and loans to assist with acquisition of and improvements to North Oak Regional Medical Center in Senatobia.

Mangold - House

HB1027 Emerging Crops Fund; increase maximum loan amount and total bonding authority under.

McCaughn - Senate

SB2195 Memorial highway; designate certain segment of Mississippi Highway 15 in Newton County for Judge Marcus D. Gordon.

McLean - House

HB1386 Advocate Confidentiality Law; establish procedures for disclosure.

McMahan - Senate

SB2583 2018 Transportation and Infrastructure Improvements Fund; clarify provision relating to City of Guntown.

Michel - Senate

SB2723 Commission on WFP; allow to extend open seasons ending Friday until 30 minutes after sunset on Sunday.

Mims - House

HB 94 Center for Rural Health Innovation; establish to provide services and resources to rural hospitals.
HB 708 Pharmacy Benefit Prompt Pay Act; revise various provisions of.

Moran - Senate

SB2273 State Port Authority; extend repealer on provision allowing the use of design-build method of contracting.
SB2287 Golf carts and low-speed vehicles; authorize municipalities to allow operation on municipal streets.

Norwood - Senate

SB2351 Mississippi High School Activities Association; require to comply with Mississippi Open Meetings Law to receive public funds.

Parker - Senate

SB2283 School districts; revise employees and administrators subject to conflict-of-interest provisions.
SB2312 Memorial highway; designate portion of Mississippi Highway 302, also known as Goodman Road, in Horn Lake for Sam Dye.
SB2314 State parks; change name of Natchez State Park to "Bob M. Dearing Natchez State Park."

Powell - House

HB 415 Counties; authorize boards of supervisors to pay county employees every two weeks.
HB 978 Hazing; increase penalties for.

Read - House

HB 127 Budget process; bring forward various sections relating to.
HB 265 Elected state officers; salaries shall not be more than average of salaries of equivalent officials in adjacent states.
HB 758 State judges; provide for increase in the annual salaries of.

Reynolds - House

HB 736 Counties; authorize to offer Medicare eligible county employees supplemental benefits if employees secure Medicare in lieu of using county insurance.
HB1208 "Mississippi Hemp Cultivation Act"; enact to provide for regulation of hemp.

Roberson - House

HB 994 Teacher licensure; revise qualifications for candidates to enter an approved teacher education program.
HB1162 Uniform Control Substance Act; revise schedule to add certain substances.

Rushing - House

HB 531 Counties and municipalities; encourage to exchange information with military installations relating to land use and development.
HB 730 Municipalities; authorize those of certain size to conduct special elections at one polling place.
HB 741 Use tax; revise certain provisions regarding funds distributed to municipalities/counties for road and bridge improvements.

Sanford - House

HB 373 Conditional medical release; prohibit offenders convicted of capital murder from receiving.
HB 782 Certificate of rehabilitation; authorize those convicted in another state to apply for a.

Scoggin - House

HB 984 Mississippi Board of Nursing; revise the notice required for special meeting of.

Seymour - Senate

SB2821 Venue for actions against members of the Mississippi National Guard; shall be brought in state military court.

Shanks - House

HB1253 State Fire Academy; designate as an authorized medical first responder training program.

Suber - Senate

SB2209 Memorial highway; designate portion of Old Highway 15/South Jackson Street in Houston for Armis Hawkins.

Summers - House

HB1016 Unused ballots; provide for the retention and destruction of.

Turner - House

HB 679 State Board of Health; extend repealer on authority to charge fees for services based on cost of service.
HB 685 State offenders; extend repealer on authority to house in county jails when state space is unavailable.
HB 686 Patient's Right to Informed Health Care Choices Act & prohibitions against deceptive advertising by providers; extend repealers on.
HB 688 MS Pharmacy Practice Act; extend repealer on.
HB1439 Sixteenth section lands; revise provisions relating to reports and copies of leases to Secretary of State.

Yancey - House

HB 414 Anatomical gifts; prohibit discrimination against recipient based on disability.
HB 636 Homeowners' associations; regulate managing agents of and require financial reviews by.

Younger - Senate

SB2291 Sales tax; require Department of Revenue certificate for commercial farmers to receive 1.5% sales tax rate.

Zuber - House

HB 273 Municipal judges; authorize to hold court outside municipal boundaries that is more than within a one-mile radius of municipality to accept pleas.
HB 940 Financial institutions; authorize to delay a transaction upon good-faith belief that eligible person will be exploited.
HB1058 Trust fund; authorize hospitals to maintain fund consisting of commingled funds of other hospitals for necessary expenses.
HB1378 Mississippi S.A.F.E. Mortgage Act; remove repealer, clarify record keeping requirements and estimate of costs provided to borrower.