Pro Bono Recognition Program


Please see Professor Meta Copeland prior to beginning any work under the Pro Bono Recognition Program.


BE IT RESOLVED, Mississippi College School of Law adopts a Pro Bono Recognition Program, to acknowledge its law students who devote at least SIXTY (60) HOURS of Pro Bono Service, to be completed before graduation.  


Qualifying Pro Bono Activities shall be defined as providing legal services for no academic credit, and without fee or expectation of fee:

  • to persons of limited means; or
  • to nonprofit, religious, civic, community, governmental and educational organizations in matters that are designed primarily to address the needs of persons of limited means, or person with limited access to legal representation; or
  • through participation in activities for enhancing the law, the legal system, or the legal profession as a whole.



If a law student wishes to complete qualifying pro bono hours at an eligible site that is not on the list of approved pro bono sites, previously approved by the Dean of Student Services, the procedure for participating in the Pro Bono Recognition Program requires participants to submit a proposal to the Dean of Student Services, which states:

  • the site where pro bono work is to be performed, as defined the site proposal form; 
  • a signed agreement stating the student’s intent to abide by the hourly documentation procedure; and
  • a supervisory agreement, signed by a license attorney who pledges to oversee and monitor the student’s pro bono work


Participating students will be required to record the completion of all pro bono hours electronically.  Participating students shall be required to provide all time sheets, signed by a supervising attorney, at the completion of the sixty (60) pro bono hour requirement, to the Dean of Student Services, in order to be eligible to receive Pro Bono Recognition Certificate, and a notation in the graduation pamphlet.  The deadline to provide time sheets will be designated by the Dean of Student Services.


The following time shall be included toward fulfilling the pro bono hour requirement:

  • time volunteering at an approved pro bono site; and
  • any time exceeding thirty (30) minutes spent traveling to an approved pro bono site 
Attachments - All must be completed and turned into Professor Meta Copeland to receive credit for the Pro Bono Recognition Program.
Pro Bono Recognition Program Student Placement Opportunity Form
Pro Bono Recognition Program Work Verification Form
Pro Bono Recognition Program Agreement to Supervise Form