Travel Information


Traveling to and from Asia


Students are responsible for arranging and paying for their own travel to Beijing, China, and home from Seoul, Korea. Students should plan to arrive in Beijing no later than May 21, 2014.  You may arrive prior to the 21st, though you will be responsible for any lodging arrangements and expenses prior to the 21st.  A driver will be waiting for you at the Beijing airport to transport you to the hotel.


The group will fly together from Beijing to Seoul on June 2nd.  This flight is included with the cost of the Program and students do not need to make individual arrangements.


The Program will conclude on June 13th in Seoul, Korea, and the housing facility will close on June 14th.  Students are responsible for all travel arrangements home from Seoul, and for any housing arrangements and expenses starting the night of June 14th.


Travel Advisories


U.S. Department of State consular information sheets for China and South Korea are available on the Department of State's Website (  Please check it periodically for updates.  In the unlikely event that China or South Korea is declared an "area of instability" by the U.S. government before or during the trip, or if the U.S. issues a "travel warning," students will be permitted to withdraw from the program and will receive a full refund of moneys paid to MC Law.


The U.S. Department of the State recommends (but does not require) U.S. citizens to register trips with them.  MC Law will register all participants with the State Department prior to the program.  


Visas are required for travel to China.  MC Law program administrators will assist you in obtaining the visa.  Visas are not needed for travel to Korea.


One additional consideration for students is trip health insurance.  In the past, students and professors have used Travel Guard/Chartis Insurance (800-826-4919).  The cost, depending on the package is between $100 - $200



Cancellation Policy



MC Law does not anticipate the program will be cancelled.  However, in the unfortunate event that cancellation occurs, MC Law will refund all monies paid within 20 days of cancellation, and assistance will be provided in finding a similar study abroad program if so desired.


If there are any changes to significant aspects of the program (classes offered, teachers, dates, etc.) these will be communicated promptly and students will be permitted to withdraw from the program and obtain a full refund of monies paid to MC Law for the program.