Program Costs


  • MC Law tuition for 4 credit hours: MC Law has a set tuition program for each class, therefore the cost is $3,992 for students completing their second year of law school and $4,148 for students completing their first year of law school. *
  • Travel and Administrative Fees: $2500 to cover housing in China and Korea, flights from Chengdu to Xi’an and Beijing to Seoul, train from Xi’an to Beijing, several meals, administrative fees, and extensive touring.  
  • Textbooks: $200
  • Food: $350 - $500
  • Miscelaneous/personal expenses: $200 - $500
  • Round trip travel to Beijing and home from Seoul: $1800
  • Optional trip health insurance: $100 - $200


*Please note:  For MC Law students, this tuition is not an additional tuition cost (that is, these are four fewer hours you will need to take in the future).  Students from other law schools should check their school's policy on transfer credit hours. Visiting students will be charged the current first year student rate.