Upon successful completion of the program, students will earn 4 credit hours from the following two courses.  All participating students will take both courses.


  • Criminal Law - International and Comparative Perspectives (3 credit hours) - Professor Richard Meyer. 

This course will introduce students to the fields of International Criminal Law and Comparative Criminal Law.  Additionally, it will look for commonalities of jurisprudence among international and domestic systems of criminal law.  Students will study: treaties; United Nations Security Council Resolutions; ad hoc tribunal statutes and judgements; domestic constitutional, statutory, and judicial sources of law from common law, civil law, Asian law, religious law and tribal law legal systems; and customary international law.  Grades will be based upon a single comprehensive final exam.

  • Status of Forces Agreement Seminar (1 credit hour) - Dean Jim Rosenblatt. 


This seminar will focus on the international agreements used when the United States stations its forces in another country.  Students will examine how these agreements are administered using the Status of Forces Agreement negotiated with Germany and Korea as the primary teaching vehicles.  The seminar will examine how signatories work within the agreements to satisfy the needs of each signatory and how the adapt the agreements to deal with changed circumstances and conditions to avoid renegotiation of the agreements.


Dean Rosenblatt's and Professor Meyer's biographies can be found at


All Standard MC Law rules for class attendance, participation and grading will apply to these two courses.  Please refer to the MC Law 2015 - 2016 Academic Year Catalog for details.  Grades will be determined by final exams and class participation.